The Dream, The Player, The Artist

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The Dream

Tom.Lucky was beginning to look like we have 3 dogs, 2 kids and travelled over 100000 miles in it and then suddenly I realised we do have kids and had driven that far and further, and also much like many others (I presume) I woke up one morning and realised I live with a married woman who has kids, but going back to sleep helps your mind think it's all just a dream.

The Player

So after these two scary dreams, I decided (with my woman) to address one of my issues and decided to get the camper "loved up" (at least some love is going on) 
and asked a friend (well i consider him a friend not sure if its mutual but hey ho Steve (Johnsons Autos) is a seriously nice guy and very knowledgeable who recommend a bloke called Vaughan, Vaughan Green thinking he was taking the piss again (coz my names the same) i searched online and found him (NOT VAUGHAN GREEN) an undertaker. So with this in mind i thought he was saying my camper was f&^%&^cked and finished. But i am clever and put two and two together and thought ummmmmmm these campers last years, so Steve (Johnsons Autos) is again taking the piss, Then i found Vaughan.

The Artist (Vaughans website)

This guy Is amazing I was offer by Steve two people, one was very good and could do it quickly or Vaughan, who I Was told is excellent but much slower, so I thought hell, how slow can slow be? On speaking and meeting Vaughan he booked me in some 3/4 month’s time and eventually my slot arrived Jan 1st and we drove Tom.Lucky to nowhereville, just north of Hicksville and dropped off the camper.

Vaughan came across and a bloke that does what he does, knows what he is doing and so long as he keeps his wife’s lunch schedule is relaxed and knowledgeable.


This is the first Picture I have received and as you can see from the top picture a vast improvement, this seat looks awesome and we have to wait a further week until we get the camper back, when i will post more pictures.


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