Is life an Empty Shell?

Empty Life

Don’t look over the garden fence

Enjoy Everyday

Say Hello & smile more often

Mind body and soul are the same as enviroment, local and central government and being proud to owning your space & Local Area

I am one of the worlds luckiest people, I have experienced shit, hardship, fun, happiness and wonder? if it's a lucky mindset I own or I am so stupid I do not see the lines others do to stop.

With this in mind I do not want to stop living today, but if I did I have had the best time on the planet.

This page is my ongoing page for my children as they love the many stories the planet has provided me.

These stories are all TRUE - I always have someone alive to verify them, there are some stories I have that are so outrageous, I sometimes feel better to be able to verify them, some, I cannot share because the other people involved have moved off the planet (not because of what we did or got up to, people leave the planet every day for many different reasons).

Example of my way of thinking - Once I was annoyed by a solicitor incompetence, so i used my strange mindset to reverse the situation, which resulted in him threatening me with high court action - I laughed so much I needed Traction, he capitulated.

Another Notch on imaginary belt was recently had with a UK corporation - I emailed them telling them their Chief Executive must call me by 4pm (the email had three further paragraphs) his office called and opened discussed OFCOM said no previously so ........... Sweeeeeet.

School asked me to leave 3 seconds after becoming 16 I tried to get a job, after a few attempts realised the CEO and CTO positions were not available to me at any companies that I applied at the age of 16, and as I had become a big-headed youth, I quickly found any job below CEO was not good enough for me.

I found my experience at school confusing.

  • This is, and has been the best planet I have lived on.

I walked around the planet for several years, until I made a learning curve mistake and picked up a wife in Canada, which took me a further several years and another massive learning curve to offload this mistake (no kids so no stress).

Poke in the eye for School > at 30 I was excepted at university (after entrance exams) to study Law, which I enjoyed, but found the thought of working in a box quite scary, especially when I realised they are not going to make me Lord Chief Justice upon completion, so left after two years. I think Lord Denning is amazing.

  • The internet was then developed for people like me, who are unemployable.

After a further few years I bumped into a scanky girl, who happened to be at the same school i was but 8 years later, she is sprinkled with moods and extreme niceness, so ended up marrying her, she turned out to be the very best person on the planet, and my soul sharer.

So that’s me if anyone is interested.

  • For the record > I was always late for school because I worked before school, my hands where always grey because of the newspapers I delivered, during my entire time at school, I had no idea why I was at school working in the Whittington hospital delivering papers, and stuff, both morning and evening, 7 days a week was my education. 

Weird shit in my life (now facebook has a page with my youth in it)

  • I was recently directed to a facebook page where people were sharing some of the less normal bullshit of my upbringing, chatting like they are lords of opinions, to those and others there is no normal, we all know this but few remember and live like this.

The very first forward thinking person

Without realsiing it, a boy at school called Moshe, who to this day i remember him saying “don’t stand on the grass, you will kill the ants” at the time I thought Ummmmmmm but what a forward thinkr, everything and everyone is important.

In The newspaper (News Of The World)age 13 for selling PORN!

So I woke up one morning to be told by the confusing noise called dad telling me that if anyone asks me anything don't comment, and do as your told, grumpy confusing bellowed at me and off I went.

During the day I found out what the confusing noise was bellwoing, some stupid woman had seen me selling Porn magazines in the hospital, I also ran bets, and often bring cigarettes into the Hospital and therefore she presumed and reported this. However the reality was I was paperboy who help people that had extended stay's in hospital getting whatever they wanted to help them, these books came from the top shelf of our shop, the bets were given to my mum or confusing noise and they placed them, so in essence, this do gooder and the News Of The Wold reporters were wrong. This was my first mistaken appearance in the newspapers.

Reminder to me for next time

How many countries have I been mistakenly arrested in?

I have now got involved with some wonderful people in our local community.......... already a really nice heathly goodness is creating around the friends.




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