Marina Abramović

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Espresso – Beach body -2002

This set is more about the beauty of the cups and saucers than anything else, they would make a great present for some who lives near a beach.

List of Collections:

illy art collection 2011 - espresso - Spirit cup – “White” - Limited edition

illy art collection 2007 - mug - sixty - Limited edition

illy art collection 2002 - espresso - Spirit cup – “Gold” - Limited edition

illy art collection 2002 - espresso – Beach body - Signed & numbered

Marina Abramović has long history with illy. Collaboration is started back to 2001, when illy asked to design set for illy Art Collection. In 2002 “Beach Body” espresso set was produced. Marina Abramović's described her work as '...while I was working on these cups I have been thinking a lot about my past and how much it was important for me when I was living in Yugoslavia the ritual of drinking coffee. The entire day was divided by this ritual, take a rest - it was a kind of situation where people sit silently round the table, enjoying the moment. we are afraid of time spent reflecting, doing nothing or being alone...' grandmother, every Friday, covered the table with an old newspaper, she drank coffee with me and turn up the cup upside down to dry... how impatient I was, looking forward to the moment when she would take my cup and look into my future. the leftovers in the coffee cup became the whole universe...''...and now my own made coffee cups are in front of me, reminding me how important it is to find time to ritualize our daily lives...'


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