Mended (Broken) Cups 2015

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illy Art Collection Espresso Cup & Saucer Set - YOKO ONO (b. 1933, Japan)

Gift boxed set of seven (7) espresso cups and saucers. Made in Italy by I.P.A., each piece is SIGNED 'Yoko Ono', dated 'illy Art Collection 2015' and numbered 'in the glaze' on the bottom. © 2015 YOKO ONO. Designed by Yoko Ono for illy.

BRAND NEW in original stylish gift box.

This 2015 illy Art Collection, MENDED CUPS by Yoko Ono, consists of six cups that bear gold, 'shattered' and 'mended' crack lines. These are accompanied by six individual saucers with Yoko Ono’s handwriting, naming six catastrophic events that have directly affected her life, and others only indirectly; but have brought death to millions of people. Each saucer states the date and location of the event and concludes with the words '… mended in 2015'.

The seventh cup in the collection, the UNBROKEN CUP, is untouched with no cracked or mended lines, reflecting peace and hope with Ono’s handwritten words on the saucer, "This cup will never be broken as it will be under your protection. Drawing inspiration from her 1966 installation "Mend Piece," Ono's contribution to illy, Mended Cups, a collection of seven cups and saucers, channels similar themes of reparation, peace and reconciliation. Mended Cups bring poetry and soulful optimism to the daily ritual of drinking coffee. By linking broken objects to physical wounds and emotional loss, Ono celebrates the process of healing and starting over.

The seven-cup collection features six cups with a painted pattern of delicate cracks.

They are inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi technique of repairing broken pottery with lacquer that is dusted or mixed with powdered gold. Each cup has its own saucer, which features a handwritten inscription of the date and location of six tragic events in modern history. The seventh cup, however, is whole, and its saucer bears Ono's inscription "This cup will never be broken as it will be under your protection." Hand wash only. This collection was released on the occasion of the artist's exhibit Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971 at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, NY in 2015.


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