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6 Different Artists 6 different disciplines

Each leaves their own unmistakable mark: many colorful fingerprints, a naked woman, a tangle of colorful sculptures, a pattern of ties, some signs and mysterious planets alluding to coffee

The first illy collection is called Arts and Crafts: the creativity of art and the craft of those producing the best blend for espresso. Brought together by a passion for beautiful and well-made things, and the idea of introducing art into small everyday items.

The china surfaces embrace the works of

Maurizio Cargnelli

Paolo Cervi Kervisher

Cosimo Fusco

Francesco Illy

Luca Missoni

Matteo Thun

A graphic designer, a painter, a sculptor, a photographer, a stylist and an architect anticipate what is to become one of the features of all illycaffè initiatives in the world of contemporary art: interdisciplinary research and the multiplicity of perspectives.



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