The first time i went to this city, I had a bag thrown over my shoulder stayed on a barge and saw my first ever real gun, which was shown to me by someone who was helping me stop walking around in my sleep, which in those days was often.

Kid making breakfastOver the years I came back often and saw changes that seem to send the city downhill and then up, until our visit last year 2014 where I took my kids, I wanted them to go to Anne Franks house and see the what the city sells in the shop windows.

Amsterdam has changed for the better, we did not wild camp in the city as we did not have our dogs with us and never put the kids in danger so we stayed at a really cool campsite just out of the city and drive in each day.

My love for Amsterdam has grown.

anneFranksHouse03This road trip was about teaching my kids about the war, and how it effected people lives, we went to Belga Belson and look around, the kids found it boring, so the next day we ripped them out of bed and 4.30 AM and drove to Anne Franks house, explaining to them that had their great grandfather not had sent his son to Nottingham to learn, they would not exist FULLSTOP

We arrived at Anne Franks house very early, the first in the queue and within minutes people started to join the queue and within 30 minutes it was around the corner and then around the block (To Anne Frank, you suffered, but you story has spread far and wide).

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