Since we started this camping, there are many places that have become sanctuaries places where calm is felt, relaxation is achieved and most importantly, some of these places have rubbish telephone reception to increase that separation from the real world.
The problem with sharing where we wild camp, is that it becomes overrun with others and banned, so before they ban camping under the Eiffel tower (well within a camera shot of the tower) here is us again.
I never thought a van would ever become a life style i enjoy - Breakfast In Paris  


Over the years I came back often and saw changes that seem to send the city downhill and then up, until our visit last year 2014 where I took my kids, I wanted them to go to Anne Franks house and see the what the city sells in the shop windows.

The Globe theatre

The Thames Central London
This is a rare chance to set up and cook right next to the Thames

Chillin in Wales

Another Birthday weekend away
Wild camping is one of the most satisfying things about camping, but in the England it is illegal, in Scotland it is legal, whats that about?
Cornwall has a feeling of it's own, chilled relaxing and simple.............. The chilled Garden of the UK
Breakfast In Spain