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About T5RVR:

Tom.Lucky was born as a camper on the 14 -2 - 1914 so seen a few things, Built for the German market so is different from other VW Californias with a UK spec, I (Tom.Lucky) have travelled for the first few years of adulthood around Europe.                                                                             


Now my owners have two children (at the time of writing they are 6 and 8), cats and a dog (we recently had one dog pass on with age, but replaced her).

Update: Those expensive, fuel eating, money sucking children, known as my wifes kids are now 3 1/2 years older and we have three dogs and two cats (thats progression or more expenses)

Mario's (the driver) is placed in the family pecking order is below the dead dogs memory, but is one very positive and happy person.

The reason for this site is that, sharing the wonderful planet i live on and recently have found myself to have become an old opinionated bugger, with the answer to resolve all of the worlds problems, which seems so simple, i cannot understand why others have not worked it out yet.


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