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Alzheimer poem by Kid A aged 10

c3a6ddff94 LI do not normally add anything about my kids online, however my mum had Alzheimer and lived with us.

Some people think it's easy, others think having my mum live with us is a cheap way to get a TV licence, but until you live with someone with Alzheimer you will not understand.

This poem has started to appear throughout the world and has been written by a 10 years (my son)

He wrote this himself with no help from anyone! I am so very proud of you!!!

Written by Kid A at aged 10


The brain starts crumbling like wood on fire

The memories start exploding in the brain that is left

Ying and Yang, nice and violence

Yet not one of them is her


The power of two inside one

The brain gets rewired like circuits malfunctioning

She knows people who deep inside she doesn’t

It is the brain that over powers her


She can hear a fly go by

When we are playing around she thinks we are being naughty

She calls people things she does not mean

The power of Alzheimer is stronger than her


There is still hope

There is still goodness

We keep her with us

Until her brain shuts down forever


Please share this, to let others see it and to let Kid A know how well he has done

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