I am one of the worlds luckiest people, I have experienced shit, hardship, fun, happiness and wonder? if it's a lucky mindset I own or I am so stupid I do not see the lines others do to stop.

Corporations are taking over, deciding whats what and when we part with our money, if Trump gets in he is a corporate person, which would mean the face or cororations take control of the US, is this really better than a career politician who may not have experienced real life?

Since JFS asked me to leave 3 seconds after becoming 16 I tried to get a job, after a few attempts realised the CEO and CTO positions were not available to me at any companies that I applied, and as I had become a big-headed youth, I quickly found any job below CEO was not good enough for me.

On my list of crap companies – in my opinion based on experience.

I thought being Lazy i would order a pair of sneakers online, then got this email?

Netfilx offer an excellent selection of good programs, but they are killing our family.