About The Camper

we love the camper technically speaking i mean my mum,dad and brother click here to read more

The Globe theatre

The Thames Central London
This is a rare chance to set up and cook right next to the Thames

About T5RVR - Tom.Lucky

About T5RVR:
Tom.Lucky was born as a camper on the 14 -2 - 1914 so seen a few things, Built for the German market so is different from other VW Californias with a UK spec, I (Tom.Lucky) have travelled for the first few years of adulthood around Europe.                                                                             

All About the Van

I'm going to tell you about the van on my dads page I'm helping my dad on his site.

Alzheimer poem by Kid A aged 10

I do not normally add anything about my kids online, however my mum had Alzheimer and lived with us.

What does the van eat

The van eats click read more to find out what the van eats.

Road Trip to Liverpool 2007

Liverpool 2007 - Art installation
Everywhere you look there are interesting things, this was taken in Liverpool in 2007, we drove there specifically to see this, i wanted my four year old to experience the wonderful nutters we share the planet with.

Chillin in Wales

Another Birthday weekend away

The life of a van

the life of a van i guess your wondering how is there is a life of a ven well click here to read on

The size of the van

I love the van because it looks like the tardis from the out side it looks like it is small but from the inside it is very big.

Breakfast In Spain

Breakfast In Spain

VW t5 California Batteries

This is a simple story to help others! i purchased various warning systems from carbon monoxide to other various alarms to ensure we were never attacked during the night in some of the terrible stories i have heard, including my friends being drugged and had all there stuff stolen, thank g-d it was only goods.
So last week during the night in a very safe campsite (yes we use them sometimes) the carbon monoxide alarm went off, thinking it was just broken as i have never heard it before, i fuffed around and took out the batteries, the next day we got up, made breakfast and head on to continue our road trip, except there was a constant smell of oil.

Wild Camping where you like

Wild camping is one of the most satisfying things about camping, but in the England it is illegal, in Scotland it is legal, whats that about?

Breakfast In Paris

I never thought a van would ever become a life style i enjoy - Breakfast In Paris  


Over the years I came back often and saw changes that seem to send the city downhill and then up, until our visit last year 2014 where I took my kids, I wanted them to go to Anne Franks house and see the what the city sells in the shop windows.

Camping under the Eiffel tower

The problem with sharing where we wild camp, is that it becomes overrun with others and banned, so before they ban camping under the Eiffel tower (well within a camera shot of the tower) here is us again.

Wonderful Cornwall

Cornwall has a feeling of it's own, chilled relaxing and simple.............. The chilled Garden of the UK

Home is where your heart

Since we started this camping, there are many places that have become sanctuaries places where calm is felt, relaxation is achieved and most importantly, some of these places have rubbish telephone reception to increase that separation from the real world.

The Dream, The Player, The Artist

The Dream